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Re-lieved 4% Lidocaine patches are specifically designed to deliver the most effective relief from pain available on the over the counter market today.  Whether you are on your feet all day, sitting at your desk for hours on end, recovering from minor surgery, an athlete after a hard workout, or you just experience aches and pains from time to time, Re-lieved is here for you.  

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Re-Lieved – “The Patch that Sticks!”


"The patches work like magic to relieve the pain in my lower back. I use them almost everyday and my back pain is almost gone! It was an easy and convenient way to reduce my pain." -Sophia Tung (7/10/17)

"As a fibromyalgia sufferer, I have many trigger points that flare up in extreme pain, especially when I am in stressful situations. Sure, I have to take medication to ease the pain, but when I place the Re-lieved Lidocaine patches on the trigger points, they really help manage the pain.  My husband recently hurt his back while working in the garden.  I placed a patch on his back, and he was surprised at the relief he experienced."- Holly W. (Olympia, WA)


"I have been a chronic low-back pain sufferer for many years after an auto accident.  I have taken an array of over-the-counter and prescription medications, tried topical products, TENS therapy and even steroid injections. Recently, a friend noticed I was in a great deal of pain and offered me a Re-lieved Lidocaine patch. In a short time, the pain decreased to a very manageable level.  I have now added Re-Lieved Lidocaine patches to my arsenal of pain relief products." -Gary M. (Southern California)


"The Re-lieved Lidocaine patch really works.  I was skeptical at first, but I soon discovered that they are very helpful.  I apply them to my knees daily, and I am actually able to run errands without my cane. I recommend the Re-Lieved Lidocaine patch to anybody suffering from extreme pain." -Becky L. (Chicago, IL)


"Try the Re-lieved Lidocaine patch!!  It is amazing!!  I have several other lidocaine patches in the past to help with limited mobility in my left shoulder.  They would help with the pain, but problem was that the patch would not stay adhered to my skin more than a few hours.  I recently received a sample of the Re-lieved Lidocaine Patch from my doctor's office, so I gave it a shot.  It was still completely stuck to my skin after 12 hours!!  I called my doctor’s office and ordered more right away." -Jeremiah H. (Tallahasee, FL)

"I suffer from sciatica pain and excruciating pain in both my knees and elbow. I tried every kind of pain relief, sprays, ointment, hot/cold packs, cortisone injections, etc. Nothing worked, until one day I was in Family Dollar and came across the Relieved patches, I purchased one and have actually went back to the store the next day and purchased the whole box!!! I love these patches, the best thing on the OTC market. I am a loyal customer  Thank you so much!!!!" Karin H, (Philadelphia, PA) 


These are the best! My son was complaining about a sore spot on his lower back. We tried a couple of different topical products with mixed results. The lidocaine patches seem to work the best. We tried some of the other brands but those patches just didn't stay on for more than a couple hours, Very annoying!! These patches stick for the full 12 hours and more even after a shower!!  Doug (Newport Beach, CA)


The pain relief is great, but the best thing is that they REALLY stick!  Kerry (So Cal)


I was buying them from Family Dollar and they are sold out. My surfer son likes them for his lower back and they stay on in water. I like them for my shoulders and knees, especially after a day of skiing! Thank you, Maria Hewitt (So Cal)


Was I Surprised!

I was very insistent to get the 5% Lidocaine patches. I agreed to order 30. They exceeded my expectations by 1000%. My wife thinks they are better than 5% Thank you so much for convincing me these were top notch pain relievers. They are Lightweight and stick very well. I will be ordering more in the near future!

These patches are the best pictures ever. They stick and stay on.  They deal with the pain effectively. Wearing these allows me to move better and not worry about the patch falling off.  I have more pain-free time. Until now pain patches have been gooey and cumbersome. These are thin have sticking power and they relieve pain well. They don’t look like a bulky bandage and they Free You to move. This is truly a great product. 


“6 weeks out from shoulder surgery, did pushups for the first time yesterday and woke up extremely sore. I put on the Re-Lieved patch to relieve soreness, and my shoulder now feels better than it did prior to the workout.”- Sam McCaskill, Former Boise State Football Player (Boise, ID)


“I just wanted to let people know about this amazing product.  I am a very large person and have significant knee pain at times.  I tried these wonderful patches on my knees with great results.  The pain was significantly reduced allowing much more freedom of movement and quality of life.  Being a general contractor I am very mobile up and down ladders and on my knees quite often.  To my surprise these patches not only stayed on but were very comfortable.  They move with you and breathe well.  I even forgot about them being on until shower time and realized they were still on.  I will be a loyal customer and highly recommend to anyone with chronic pain.  Try one you will not be disappointed.” -John McD. General Contractor  (Pueblo West, CO. 9/25/17)


I’ve been hairdressing for over 10 years and I've  tried  virtually  everything under the sun to relieve my chronic aches and pains from over exerting my  body,  so needless to say, I was a little skeptical at first when I tried these patches. Wow!  Not only are these patches fast acting,  but they  stick well and don’t tear easily. I can’t express  enough how incredible these patches are  because they have saved me on several occasions. One particular instance  was when I twisted  my ankle a  few months ago while I was at work. Fortunately, the injury wasn’t a full blown sprain, but my ankle was swollen and I was in quite a bit of pain ,which rendered me unable to stand up for more than 10 min at a time. It was sheer luck that my client Dawn who introduced me to these patches  came to see me that day and had some in her car. I used two patches that she gave me and wrapped my ankle keeping my ankle secure enough to stand so that i could finish out my extremely busy day.  As an ending note, the patches are made with lidocaine which is its active pain relieving ingredient. This pain relieving agent aims to medicinally target pain. Something I haven’t seen in other products.”-Bruce Tran (Southern California)


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